Welcome to San Antonio’s newest kennel, the XXXtra Terrestrial Hash House Harriers. With this being the 7th largest city in US, we thought that having another kennel would allow us to do what we do best, get more beer! Please bare with us while we get the kinks in the website worked out.

Next Trail – 6 September 2017…

XXXtra Terrestrial Trail #30: Fool Moon

When: Wednesday, 6 September. Pack meets at 6:30. Hares off at 7:00

Hares: Fawn’d of Anal && Mommy’s Little Fister

Where: 3515 Thousand Oaks Drive, San Antonio, TX 78247. Behind Dutch Boy Cleaners.

Words from the hares: Join us in showing off our full moons… and y’all can take a gander at our harvest.

Theme: Attire made for showing off your tail feathers!

On after: The Evil Olive, 2950 Thousand Oaks Dr, Ste 5, San Antonio, Texas 78247. Trail is dog friendly. On-After, I dunno, will call tomorrow.

Cost:$1 and a 6 pack of your choice( cans only). There will be a separate cooler for the gluten free drinkers, glutards.