XXXtra Terrestrial H3 – Trail #20 Tutu Trail / Naming night / Spankenstein Pool party-game night


When: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time: Meet at 3:00PM, off at 3:30PM

Where: 8338 North Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249. Behind Starbucks

Hares: Rev Ranger Ralph, Me So Thorny, Just Mikah

Hare Notes – Trail will be mostly flat with many hills and mostly shiggy with lots of pavement. There will be Penguin/Turkey/Falcon/Eagle splits ranging from 2.5 – 7+ miles. Hash is dog-friendly. On-After to be determined.

Hash Cash: $1 donation to the hash, and a 6-pack of choice for donation to the cooler. (There will be a separate cooler for non beer drinkers/glutards) CANS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! There will be pizza ordered at the On-After, so please bring additional cash ($3-5).

Bring for Trail: Thirst for beer, flashlight/headlamp, whistle, good attitude, virgins, visitors, transplants, and XXX virgins, more thirst for beer, swim suits (or not?), TOWELS, and a change of clothes (no idea of weather right now).

Theme: 22 Ya’ll know what that means!!! Tutus!!!!
Naming Night – We’re going to put somebody on ice, and see if we can’t find an appropriate name.
Spankenstein Pool party-game night, so you know there will be debauchery.

On After: Dr. Hasher Spankenstein‘s castle. (Address posted at a later date). Bring a bathing suit, because festivities will include a pool and debauchery. There will be pizza ordered at the On-after, so please bring additional cash ($3-5).

– festivities will end around 11pm as Herr Doktor has to transform to a real doctor the next day

– Everyone needs to come with a plan to get home. Do not drink and drive! Uber/have a designated driver/have a plan!

– no smoking on the Spankenstein/DnD compound por favor!

– If you want anything besides hash beer, BYOB. There should be more than enough between what the kennel has, and the 6-pack that you bring that night.

– no glass bottles by the pool! CANS ONLY!!!!!!

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