XXXtra Terrestrial H3 #23

WHAT: xxxtra Terrestrial H3 #23.

The Lucky Penny TuTu trail.

WHO: Your hares for the evening, Just Kaya (her virgin hare trail) and Blew Hole

WHEN: Meet at 1830, hares off NLT 1900 (630 pm and 7 pm)

WHERE: park in back parking lot of 15827 La Cantera Pkwy
San Antonio, TX 78256

WORDS (I.e. Lies from the hares:) it’s the 22nd, which means it’s a Tutu hash!!! It’s also lucky penny day. So we’re doing a Lucky Penny trail!

There will be several painted pennies on trail. The hounds that find them will get a finger up their butt (or some other treasure.)

This A to A trail will be mostly pavement, with no hills or water. It will be around 18 miles long with no beer checks. It will be poorly marked and likely get you lost.

Look for the lucky pennies and bring them to circle to claim your prize!

BRING: 1$ hash cash and a 6 pack to share. Bug spray, shiggy sox, cranium lamp or other light source and a vessel are recommended.

ON AFTER: Deol Bar
Need more info or lost: call blew at 940-232-0668

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