XXXtra Terrestrial Trail#28- 1st Analversary

XXXtra Terrestrial Trail#28- 1st Analversary
We’ve been hashing for a year ya’ll!! Yay

When: Wednesday August 2,2017 @ 6:30pm; hares away @7:00

Hares: The Quicker Picker Upper, Poo Poo and Just Justin

Where: 5910 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78240 . HEB parking lot (at the end by Twin Liquor’s) 
Words from the hares: IT’S BEEN HOT AS BALLS LATELY AND ITS ABOUT TIME TO COOL OFF!!! You know the deal…bring a towel, a thirst for nectar, virgins, singing voices and a groovy attitude for a shitty trail, somewhere between 1 and 4 miles long with a shiggy level of 2.3. The trail and on after will be dog friendly.

Theme: Swimwear..
On after will continue at Casa de Quicker and Poo. The pool portion will close @9:30pm and then move it inside for some games and other shenanigans (you know since we have neighbors and its a weeknight)

Cost:$1 and a 6 pack of your choice( cans only). There will be a separate cooler for the gluten free drinkers, glutards.

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