XXXtra Terrestrial Trail #29: The Southside Shanked Tutu Run

When: Tuesday, 22 August. Pack meets at 6:30. Hares off at 7:00

Hares: Poof! You’ll Do!, Blew Hole, Pearlz of Jizzdom & Squirt Loc Her

Where: 310 Odis, San Antonio, TX, 78225. There are several dead-end streets in the area near Knox Elementary School on the corners of Odis and Grand Jean streets. Park on the streets near the rundown basketball courts. Chalk talk will be at the courts.

Words from the hares: Come down to Southside for a very special, one a kind Central Texas experience. Bring out your inner chola/cholo and try not to get shanked. Theme: Wear your best chola brows and your dickies. Don’t forget the tear drop and spider web tattoos. Otherwise tutus are always welcome on a 22nd trail. Come out and help us say “See you later vatos!” to 3 of our hares (Blew, Pearls & Squirt) and send them off in true XXXtraTH3 fashion.

On after: Zip 2 Five Sports bar. 2432 Nogalitos, San Antonio, TX 78225. A change of clothing recommended as you will likely get wet, be covered in blood, or be shanked. Probably not dog friendly.

Cost:$1 and a 6 pack of your choice( cans only). There will be a separate cooler for the gluten free drinkers, glutards.

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