XXXtra Terrestrial Trail #30: Fool Moon

XXXtra Terrestrial Trail #30: Fool Moon

When: Wednesday, 6 September. Pack meets at 6:30. Hares off at 7:00

Hares: Fawn’d of Anal && Mommy’s Little Fister

Where: 3515 Thousand Oaks Drive, San Antonio, TX 78247. Behind Dutch Boy Cleaners.

Words from the hares: Join us in showing off our full moons… and y’all can take a gander at our harvest.

Theme: Attire made for showing off your tail feathers!

On after: The Evil Olive, 2950 Thousand Oaks Dr, Ste 5, San Antonio, Texas 78247. Trail is dog friendly. On-After, I dunno, will call tomorrow.

Cost:$1 and a 6 pack of your choice( cans only). There will be a separate cooler for the gluten free drinkers, glutards.

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